Trashy Texas Talk- Sept 8, 2021

All the junky news my unprofessional way...

⭐️Reports from the Palace 'ignored Harry and Meghan’s request to meet with the Queen and introduce Lilibet' A source from inside Buckingham Palace claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have asked to meet the Queen, and claim that "people are shocked by the sheer nerve" of it. As I said the other day. REALLY? Nothing that witch does shocks me and now I’m beginning to think that Crybaby Harry needs a new nickname. Standby y’all …🤓

⭐️Prince Charles’s former aide steps down as charity boss amid conduct inquiry. Michael Fawcett, who was CEO of Prince’s Foundation and former royal aide Charles once called ‘indispensable’, faces claims about honor for a Saudi businessman.

Michael Fawcett has stepped down as chief executive of the Prince’s Foundation amid claims he helped coordinate an honor relating to the Saudi businessman Dr Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz.

Mahfouz, who received a CBE in 2016, is listed as a supporter on the Prince’s Foundation website. The Sunday Times says he donated £1.5m to restoration projects of particular interest to Charles, including Dumfries House and the Castle of Mey in Scotland, adding that Mahfouz denies any wrongdoing.

A further letter in 2017 from Fawcett saying royal charities would be “happy and willing” to support an application for citizenship and to help further upgrade the CBE to a knighthood following donations.

👎🏻Prince Charles’ foundation insists it returned missing Russian banker’s £500,000 but he says he doesn’t have it. The Prince’s Foundation said it returned Russian financier Dmitry Leus’ £500,000 donation, but he disputes the money has been put back in his account. Dmitry expected to secure a trip to Dumfries House – only to have the invitation withdrawn – has sensationally claimed that he hasn’t got the money back yet.

The Mail on Sunday last week revealed that Dmitry Leus had cited the donation in his successful application to the Home Office for British residency. Michael Wynne-Parker asked funds to be sent via Burke’s Peerage. The Foundation said it no longer had access to cash and returned it ‘to source’ 

How how about Quid Pro Quo? There goes Charles becoming King. His mumsy isn’t going to like this at all.

Urban Dictionary (1 of many definitions but this is the best): An expression which, if used by an insane cannibal psychiatrist you happen to be talking to, is an excellent sign that you're in a LOT of trouble.

⭐️TMZ says that 39-year-old Britney Spears’ boyfriend, Sam Asghari, was seen at Cartier looking at rings. Does this mean that he’s going to propose marriage to Britney? Maybe he’s just looking for himself or a gift for her. Well I guess whatever it is, it’s not going to be much of a surprise since it’s literally everywhere on social media.

⭐️ Truth!

🌟Alex Murdaugh to resign from firm, enter rehab after wife and son shot dead. First his wife and family are murdered and now this….Heard he stole millions from the law firm. He claims that he was fixing something on his car on the side of the highway and a truck did a u-turn, then came back and they shot him. They are checking to make sure that the shot that grazed his head was a true story and not made up. Cops are checking cell phone activity around that area. (bet you didn’t know they could do that!). Jesse Smollet didnt get in much trouble for the hullabaloo he caused. Let’s see what happens to Alex if it’s all made up. Btw: he’s a 4th generation at his family’s law firm. If you are from anywhere near where I grew up, you will get it when I say that this family picture reeks of the “good ol’ boys club”.

⭐️Guess our ex-gov, Cuomo who had everyone fooled (but not me) is still in hiding out in the Hamptons at his bud, Dr. Michael Sach’s home. Btw: he was one of the state's most-sued doctors - lost his license in 2008 after being charged with four counts of negligence by the state Board for Professional Medical Misconduct, according to the board's Web site. Perfect friend for Cuomo…👏🏻👌🏻🙌🏻

⭐️Tori Spelling has fans doing a double take. Tori was spotted out with hairstylist Laura Rugetti at the restaurant Catch in Los Angeles, and the ladies were totally twinning! Spelling was nearly unrecognizable thanks to her long blonde wavy hair, her makeup and now has fans comparing her to a Kardashian sister. 

"Tori Spelling morphs into a Kardashian in a rather shocking transformation.”
"Tori Spelling or Khloe Kardashian?"

"OK, but why did I think Tori Spelling was Khloe Kardashian?"

"Tori Kardashian or Khloe Spelling?" another Twitter user pondered.

I’ll tell you what it is…SURGERY! She looks amazing right? What an improvement. Wish we could find out who did the work. Eyes, nose, lips, neck. Nothing wrong with it and she looks a lot better but who would want to look like a Kardashian? 🥴🥴🥴 Wonder what she looks like without makeup? 🙄🙄🙄 omg…just saw this. Look at her neckline in the denim outfit right below the locket. That’s some bad photoshopping. I’m so good at this stuff…🥰😍🥰

🙄🙄🙄You too can wear used underwear! Michael Jordan’s can be yours because they are actually being auctioned off! Starting bid of $500. Who wants them? Anyone? Waiting….

⭐️Zendaya’s family is tough on who she dates. She’s 26 and gorgeous. “My dad, my brothers, it’s a whole thing, Good luck to whoever wants to take that on.” Yay for good parenting.These Disney child stars are all so messed up.

She didn’t mention her boyfriend, Tom Holland for her Oct Vogue cover, but they have recently become slightly more public about their romance.

🤢🤮🤢And in closing, the ad of the day and a double whammy….CROCS! Vomit. If any of my friends buy or wear these, I swear I will shame you on The Buzzfuzz and social media. Don’t you even dare touch them unless they are for tiny kids, doctors or chefs or you can and will catch Coodies… You know who you are👺👺👺👺👺