Trashy Texas Talk- Sept 9, 2021

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⭐️Monica Lewinsky says Bill Clinton 'should want to apologize,' but she doesn't need it. Lewinsky's story on "Impeachment: American Crime Story," the 10-episode third season of Ryan Murphy’s anthology franchise on FX. Haha. He can’t say it cuz he’s too old to remember it.
‘Speaking of Bill…..did you know that
Bill Clinton once lost the nuclear codes for months, and a 'comedy of errors' kept anyone from finding out? Omg…this is the absolute fucking truth. How do you lose the most important thing in the Presidential office? Well not only did it happen but no one knew where they were until it was time to replace them which is every 4 months. Can you believe this?
The codes needed to authorize the launch — are never far from the president. At least they're never supposed to be. That element, the president's authorization codes, is supposed to remain in close proximity to the president at all times, carried by one of five military aides, representing each branch of the military. The codes are on a card called the "biscuit" carried within the "football," a briefcase that is officially known as the "president's emergency satchel."

👉🏻However, around 2000, according to Defense Secretary Shelton, a member of the department within the Pentagon that is responsible for all pieces of the nuclear process was dispatched to the White House to physically look at the codes and ensure they were correct — a procedure required to happen every 30 days. From Business Insider:

That official was told by a presidential aide that President Bill Clinton did have the codes, but was in an important meeting and could not be disturbed. Uh huh

👉🏻It was literally the morning after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke that Prsidential aide Patterson made a routine request of the president to present the card so that he could swap it out for an updated version.

"He thought he just placed them upstairs," Patterson recalled. "We called upstairs, we started a search around the White House for the codes, and he finally confessed that he in fact misplaced them. He couldn't recall when he had last seen them."

In Patterson's telling of the story, the President lost the biscuit in 1998, but according to Shelton, the card went missing in 2000.

When the next inspection took place the following month, that official was on vacation, according to Shelton, and another official was dispatched to the White House. The new official was met with the same excuse — the president is very busy, but takes the codes very seriously and has them on hand.

"This comedy of errors went on, without President Clinton's knowledge I'm sure, until it was finally time to collect the current set and replace them with the new edition," Shelton writes in his book. "At this point we learned that the aide had no idea where the old ones were, because they had been missing for months," he added. "The President never did have them, but he assumed, I'm sure, that the aide had them like he was supposed to."

Shelton and then-Secretary of Defense William Cohen were freaking out. The problem of missing codes had been resolved by changing the codes, but they decided they had to change the process itself, mandating that the Defense Department official visiting the White House physically see the codes — waiting there to do so if necessary.

Shelton and Cohen feared the saga would reach the press and become an embarrassing story. But word of the missing codes never made it out, and Shelton's recounting of it in his 2010 book was, to his knowledge, the first time it had been shared publicly.

"This is a big deal — a gargantuan deal — and we dodged a silver bullet," Shelton writes, adding: "You do whatever you can and think you have an infallible system, but somehow someone always seems to find a way to screw it up.

And Monica expects this guy to apologize? ….have you ever met Bill Clinton? He’s absolutely the most charming guy there is. Any young woman who worked as his aide would have slept with him too. He was the frigging President of the USA!

👉🏻President Sends the 'Biscuit' to the Cleaners? Supposedly Jimmy Carter left his biscuit in a suit that got sent to the dry cleaners. Today, no one will confirm the story, but no one will deny it either. 👻👻👻

⭐️Jennifer Lawrence Is Pregnant, Expecting First Child With Husband Cooke Maroney. Yay

⭐️John Mulaney Confirmed That Olivia Munn Is Pregnant With His Baby. Boring

⭐️Kylie Jenner Released A Video Confirming That She’s Pregnant Again. Boring

⭐️Lorde Says She's 'Not Built for the Pop Star Life' and Finds the Public Eye to Be 'Very Intense' "I'm great at my job, but I'm not sure I'm the man for the job," Lorde told Vogue

⭐️Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Ready to Lead a Modern Monarchy: 'You Couldn't Have Got a Better Pair' Agree

⭐️After Being Accused of Misusing Funds, Alex Murdaugh Has His Law License Suspended And…did you shoot himself? He only needed a bandaid!

⭐️Miley Cyrus says she thought she would 'DIE' if she didn't have a partner to 'kiss her every night' after splitting from Liam Hemsworth... but music has saved her 🤮give me a fucking break

⭐️Jennifer Aniston, who used to be the face and co-owner of hair brand Living Proof, announced the inevitable today. Jennifer launched her beauty brand, LolaVie. we don’t have enough celebrity beauty brands🙄

⭐️ Erika Jayne Investigator Ronald Richards Reveals Details of Offers Made to ‘RHOBH’ Star to ‘Voluntary’ Pay Back $25 Million.  She has a limited time offer from investigator Ronald Richards to “voluntarily” pay back $25 million amid her estranged husband Tom Giradi’s lawsuit. Richards’ statement on Wednesday, September 8. “She has nine days left.” guess she will be selling off her jewels

⭐️if Ugly Crocs aren’t enough… this ad that I wouldn’t dare click on popped up.

🤮🤢🤮and in closing they have done it again. CROCS! This Instagram post sent to me supposedly showing ‘street style’ in Paris. This is not Street Style. Whomever posted this doesn’t even use the correct hashtags: denim? Natural? All I see is the ugliest dress with dots, and UGLY CROCS! I mean who would think to even take this pic unless they had the shittiest taste in the world? I have pictured what Street Style really is. People I’m friendly with keep sending this horror to me. I will get my revenge and one day expose you!💩💩💩